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Mizpah Spa is located on Bribie Island, 80 km north of Brisbane.

Bribie Island is a sub-tropical sand island. The majority of the island is either State Forest or National Park. Tourism Bribie has useful information about Bribie as well as many suggestions for activities on the island.

If you are new to the area, perhaps from inter-state or overseas, consider visiting Bribie Island in conjunction with a visit to Brisbane.

Thann is a Thai company that produces pure, all-natural beauty and body care products. Creams, oils, lotions, soaps and other superb products – all are luxurious and created with care for your body and the environment at the same time.

Mizpah Spa proudly uses and recommends Thann products and can supply all your Thann needs. Simply place your order with us by telephone or, preferably, by contacting us on our website and we will arrange for your products to be available for collection at Mizpah Spa within three working days, subject to available stocks. If you live closer to Bribie Island than Brisbane, save yourself some travel! If you want us to post your products to you, just let us know when you place your order and we will tell you the total cost, including postage and packing.

Not sure what Thann offers or just want to try something new? Take a look at the Thann website and experience Thann today!

Loyalty Programme

Mizpah Spa has a Loyalty Programme for regular clients. The programme offers discounts on products and services at Mizpah Spa. See the FAQ entry on the Loyalty Programme for full details.


Mizpah Spa offers concessions to holders of the following cards:

  • Senior
  • Full-time Student
  • Government concession cards, such as Health Care Card.

The concession entitles holders of these cards to a 10% discount on the normal price of spa products and services.


Mizpah Spa values your opinion. If you recommend Mizpah Spa services to someone who has not previously visited the spa, and if that person comes to Mizpah Spa and purchases a treatment of one hour or longer, you will receive a 10% discount on the normal price of any spa treatment of any duration on your next visit, and the person you refer will receive a 10% discount on the normal price of any spa treatment of one hour or longer on their first visit to Mizpah Spa.

Persons referred to Mizpah Spa need to quote the name of the person referring them when booking their treatment.

Bulk Credit

We also offer a discount when purchasing bulk credit for spa products and services in advance. By paying in advance, you receive a 10% discount on the normal price of your purchases. The minimum bulk credit purchase is $500. Here are the benefits to you:

  • For $500 credit, pay $450, save $50
  • For $600 credit, pay $540, save $60
  • For $700 credit, pay $630, save $70
  • For $800 credit, pay $720, save $80
  • For $900 credit, pay $810, save $90
  • For $1000 credit, pay $900, save $100.

For every purchase of bulk credit, the purchaser will automatically be enrolled in the Mizpah Spa Loyalty Programme.

The following conditions apply to the purchase of bulk credit:

  • Credit expires one year after the date of purchase
  • Credit may be used to purchase Mizpah Spa products and services only
  • Credit may be used to pay for treatments for family and friends, provided the purchaser also receives a treatment on the same day as the family member or friend
  • If the credit balance is not sufficient to pay for a particular treatment, the balance shall be paid for by normal purchasing practices
  • Credit is not refundable
  • Additional discounts through the Loyalty Programme do not apply to purchases made with bulk credit.

Subject to Change

We regularly evaluate our programmes to encourage and reward loyal clients. Consequently, these benefits and conditions may change at any time without notice. This website is the only authoritative source of such information at all times.

We value your loyalty very much and thank you sincerely for your continuing relationship with us.

Mizpah offers flexible payment options for products and services.

Anywhere in the world

No matter where you are in the world, you may pay Mizpah as follows:

  • Credit cards:
    • Mastercard and Visa “normal” cards, and debit cards – 2% surcharge.
    • American Express, JCB, and Mastercard and Visa “Platinum” and “Diamond” cards – 3% surcharge.
    • We do not accept Diners Club.
    • We accept cards via EFTPOS at Mizpah Spa.
  • Direct bank deposit (in Australian dollars)
  • PayPal (details will be provided at time of payment)

Direct Bank Deposit Details

Account Name: Mizpah International Pty Ltd
Account Number: 123832016
BSB: 184-446
Bank: Macquarie Bank
Branch: Brisbane
Currency: Australian Dollars only

In Australia

In addition to all options available internationally listed above, in Australia you may also pay by BPay and bank cheque in Australian Dollars (AUD) only.

BPay Details

Biller code: 20206
Reference: 123832016

Details for Bank Cheques

Please make cheques in AUD payable to Mizpah International Pty Ltd and send them to:

Mizpah International Pty Ltd
3 Oleander Drive
Australia 4507

Personal Cheques

We accept personal cheques in Australian dollars for products and services on order, subject to the conditions of payment below. We do not accept personal cheques for immediate provision of products or services at time of sale.

Conditions of Payment

For all payment methods, we will initiate production of an order (after receiving any non-refundable deposit required) or deliver an order (after payment of balance due) only after the payment is confirmed in our bank account.

When your deposit is confirmed, we will start production of your product. When your product is ready, we will deliver your product to you only after payment of balance due is confirmed in our bank account. If you cannot pay the balance due, we will retain your non-refundable deposit and your order will be cancelled without delivery of any product to you.

When purchasing online from Mizpah, the Shopping Cart provides an Order Comment section. The information entered in this section goes to Mizpah only. It does not go to the company providing shipping services. Consequently, adding comments such as "Please leave behind the box near the front door", which are intended as delivery instructions for shipments of physical products, will not be known by the shipping company and hence cannot be honoured.

Mizpah Spa

If the order is for a Mizpah Spa Gift Certificate, Thai Therapeutic Herbal Ointments or Thann products, and the items have not yet been shipped, the order can be cancelled. After shipping, the order cannot be cancelled.

Mizpah Silk

If the order is for a Mizpah Silk product and the product has already been shipped or is in the process of being created in Thailand, the order cannot be cancelled.


Cancelled orders will incur cancellation charges. You will be informed of any cancellation charges at the time you request cancellation.

Any refundable amount paid, less cancellation charges, will be refunded. Note that where a non-refundable deposit has been made, that amount cannot be refunded at all.

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