Mizpah FAQ - General

Mizpah is a name from the Bible. It is also sometimes called Mizpeh. It is mostly used to refer to a place near Gilead (Jud 11.29).

Its first usage (Gen 31.49-50) refers to it as a pillar of stones set up by Jacob and Laban. The pillar of stones acted as a witness to the bond between the two men. As Laban said, "The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other. ... remember, God is witness between you and me". It is for this reason that Mizpah has often been interpreted as signifying an emotional bond between people who are separated, either physically by distance or by death.

We at Mizpah believe strongly in the bond between all people. Hence, our desire to cater to the individual and unique well-being of body, mind and spirit of all our clients.

The image is a representation of Pegasus. Pegasus is the mythological winged horse that carries the thunderbolt of Zeus. Born of the dying Medusa, Pegasus was caught and tamed whilst drinking at the fountain of Pirene by the hero Bellerophontes. Pegasus is said to have created many famous water sources in the earth by stamping his hoof, most notably the soul-inspiring waters of Hippocrene on Mount Helicon. He appears on the early coins of Corinth and, in Roman times, he became a symbol of immortality.

Hence, Pegasus is a source of revitalising water and long life, both of which things spas are traditionally famous for.

Mizpah was founded by Jonathan Ridler. Friends of the Ridler family, Colin and Edith Mary Coles, came from India. They lived there at the turn of the 19th century and into the early 20th century. Colin was born in India of British parents and served in the Indian Army. He became a captain and was appointed as a magistrate in Bihar and Orissa, a former province of British India. Edith was born on a ship, off the coast of Mauritius. The word Mizpah, with its strong emphasis on the emotional bond between people, became a motif for them during their lives. Capt Coles also chose the image of Pegasus as his personal seal for sealing formal documents.

They moved to Australia after World War II and met Jonathan's parents there. A very close friendship developed. When they died in the 1950s, they left some jewellery and effects to the Ridler family. Included in these were some Mizpah jewellery and the seals of Capt Coles. Mizpah jewellery was popular for a period of time in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The word Mizpah and the image of Pegasus were chosen to represent the corporate identity of Mizpah because of their remarkable appropriateness for the business, as well as a deep affection for the Coles.

Mizpah keeps certain information about you to enable us to serve you as best possible. The information we keep and how it is used is detailed in our Privacy Policy. You can contact Mizpah at any time to request that Mizpah update or delete your information, as well as ask any questions you have.

Be assured that all information we maintain is protected in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Mizpah was founded by people who are passionately interested in many things. We want to share those passions on a one-to-one basis with every client. Because every person is unique, our products and services are designed for each client uniquely. In a world of mass production, we believe that providing individually designed and delivered products and services of the highest quality restores a degree of respect and dignity to the individual. It also allows the people who produce those products and services to exercise their incredible talents and skills in the service of others.

Mizpah has had the privilege of experiencing high-quality products and services from a number of suppliers that we would like to recommend, both in Australia and overseas.

Spa and Massage Services

Not surprisingly, we love good spa and massage treatments and there are many places around the world worth recommending. Here is just a small selection.


Ruam Rudee Health Massage – situated in Soi Ruamrudee, just off Sukhumvit near Phloen Chit BTS station. A relatively plain establishment, but with excellent therapists (all women) and treatments. For the best Traditional Thai Massage you are likely to have in Bangkok, ask for the therapist named Pen (#23). Also excellent are Rusamee (#25) and Anne (#17).

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Wana Spa – the spa within Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort & Spa. This resort is superb, and Wana Spa is an absolute gem. All the therapists are excellent. We particularly like Noi and Boo.


Willow Stream Spa – part of the Fairmont Hotel, located near St Andrew's Cathedral, City Hall MRT station and the Raffles City Complex. A good selection of treatments and a lovely ambience. Enjoy the waters before and after your treatments. Ask for Yi Ling.

Spa Products

We proudly use, recommend, and supply spa products from Thann. Based in Thailand, Thann produces pure, all-natural treatments of outstanding quality and efficacy, with Thai characteristics, naturally. Read more about purchasing Thann products from Mizpah Spa.

Website Design and Marketing

The Mizpah website was designed and made by Creative Concepts. Based in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, this relatively small company has a superb group of designers and marketing professionals. Contact Shane.

English Proofreading and Editing

The Mizpah website is proofread and edited by Pure English. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Pure English is a sister company in the Mizpah International Pty Ltd group and has a highly competent corps of editors. Contact them for more information and a quote.

Furniture Maker

The massage bed in our Bongaree spa was custom-made for us by GN Olsson. This family-run company specialises in making and restoring fine furniture, including antiques, as well as fitting out super yachts. It is based in Kurwongbah, north of Brisbane. Contact Gary or Cath.


The curtains in our Bongaree spa are made from hand-woven pure Thai silk, supplied by our sister company, Mizpah Silk. The material was made into curtains by Cottage Curtains and Blinds, based in Morayfield, north of Brisbane. Contact Trudy.


We love to travel ... which is good, because we need to travel to be able to offer you the products and services Mizpah provides. Here are just a few accommodation recommendations.


For a full service hotel, we choose the JW Marriott Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 2. Very personal hotel with a great spa area, and located very conveniently.

For a serviced apartment, we stay at a Centre Point apartment. The apartments located in Wireless Road (also called Wittayu) and those located in Langsuan are both excellent – well positioned and wonderfully modern in Thai style with all the necessary features.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort & Spa. This resort is superb. Quiet, with crystal clear turquoise waters, it's a slice of Paradise indeed! And the spa is magic (see above).


For a full service hotel, we choose the InterContinental Singapore. A lovely, personal hotel with an elegant ambience. The main downstairs lounge is superb. The hotel is very close to the Bugis MRT station and there are plenty of things to see, eat and do in the area.


When travelling overseas, we use Singapore Airlines or Thai Airways whenever possible. For domestic travel within Australia, we use Qantas.

Information Technology

For most of our IT requirements, we use Hewlett Packard (HP) equipment.

Note: We make the recommendations above genuinely and without any recompense or incentive in any form whatsoever from any supplier.

Since its foundation, Mizpah has donated a portion of its profits to worthy charitable organisations. From local to global, our concern for the well-being of all is indivisible from the ethos and nature of Mizpah.

We support many organisations, including

Mizpah encourages you to be generous in your support of worthy and effective charitable organisations.

Mizpah also encourages you to speak up for human rights, moral justice and ethical behaviour in the world. One organisation that Mizpah particularly recommends is Avaaz.org.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 7 and earlier versions, or IE version 8 and later versions running in IE 7 compatibility mode, cannot correctly display all pages on the Mizpah website.

These issues only occur with IE. This is because IE 7 and earlier versions of IE are not standards compliant. The Mizpah website is written in code that is standards compliant. All other web browsers we have tried, including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera are standards compliant and do not have these display issues.

If you have any difficulties with IE, we recommend you upgrade to IE 8 or later and not run in IE 7 compatibility mode.

Alternatively, we recommend Mozilla Firefox Firefox logo as an excellent browser instead of IE. It is open source, public domain freeware.

Mizpah designs and creates many unique products of the highest quality. All our products are handmade by highly skilled people. The dedicated labour required to produce each item is usually quite significant. We also use the best raw materials available.

For products that are not fixed price, we will provide a quote to you before any work begins so that you can know the full cost before you decide to purchase. We believe you will see the unique value in our products and understand that this value is reflected appropriately in their cost.

Mizpah offers flexible payment options for products and services.

Anywhere in the world

No matter where you are in the world, you may pay Mizpah as follows:

  • Credit cards:
    • Mastercard and Visa “normal” cards, and debit cards – 2% surcharge.
    • American Express, JCB, and Mastercard and Visa “Platinum” and “Diamond” cards – 3% surcharge.
    • We do not accept Diners Club.
    • We accept cards via EFTPOS at Mizpah Spa.
  • Direct bank deposit (in Australian dollars)
  • PayPal (details will be provided at time of payment)

Direct Bank Deposit Details

Account Name: Mizpah International Pty Ltd
Account Number: 123832016
BSB: 184-446
Bank: Macquarie Bank
Branch: Brisbane
Currency: Australian Dollars only

In Australia

In addition to all options available internationally listed above, in Australia you may also pay by BPay and bank cheque in Australian Dollars (AUD) only.

BPay Details

Biller code: 20206
Reference: 123832016

Details for Bank Cheques

Please make cheques in AUD payable to Mizpah International Pty Ltd and send them to:

Mizpah International Pty Ltd
3 Oleander Drive
Australia 4507

Personal Cheques

We accept personal cheques in Australian dollars for products and services on order, subject to the conditions of payment below. We do not accept personal cheques for immediate provision of products or services at time of sale.

Conditions of Payment

For all payment methods, we will initiate production of an order (after receiving any non-refundable deposit required) or deliver an order (after payment of balance due) only after the payment is confirmed in our bank account.

When your deposit is confirmed, we will start production of your product. When your product is ready, we will deliver your product to you only after payment of balance due is confirmed in our bank account. If you cannot pay the balance due, we will retain your non-refundable deposit and your order will be cancelled without delivery of any product to you.

When purchasing online from Mizpah, the Shopping Cart provides an Order Comment section. The information entered in this section goes to Mizpah only. It does not go to the company providing shipping services. Consequently, adding comments such as "Please leave behind the box near the front door", which are intended as delivery instructions for shipments of physical products, will not be known by the shipping company and hence cannot be honoured.

Mizpah Spa

If the order is for a Mizpah Spa Gift Certificate, Thai Therapeutic Herbal Ointments or Thann products, and the items have not yet been shipped, the order can be cancelled. After shipping, the order cannot be cancelled.

Mizpah Silk

If the order is for a Mizpah Silk product and the product has already been shipped or is in the process of being created in Thailand, the order cannot be cancelled.


Cancelled orders will incur cancellation charges. You will be informed of any cancellation charges at the time you request cancellation.

Any refundable amount paid, less cancellation charges, will be refunded. Note that where a non-refundable deposit has been made, that amount cannot be refunded at all.

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