What colour will my silk really be?

All hand-made products vary slightly from each other – that is their uniqueness and part of their charm. It is inevitable that silk colours will vary. Nevertheless, the variation is relatively small. It will still be very close to the colour requested and may be exactly the colour. There are several things to remember when ordering your silk:

  • Colours in photographs are approximate – cameras, whether film or digital, rarely reproduce colours absolutely faithfully, and photographs are displayed on media that also may not reproduce colour faithfully
  • Computer screens reproduce colours approximately ... and every screen will be a bit different
  • Viewing the same colour in different lighting situations will change the appearance of the colour, no matter what the medium of presentation, or even if you are looking directly at the colour source
  • Different dye lots will vary slightly, despite the best of care being taken
  • Colours in a single piece of hand-made silk from a single dye lot may vary ever so slightly – this is normal and to be expected
  • Shot silk is woven from two different colours – one in the weft and the other in the warp. This creates iridescent effects that make the colours change according to the lighting – this is a normal and highly prized characteristic of Thai silk
  • Colours change over time, usually fading (dark or bright colours) or yellowing (white or light colours)
  • If you want a piece of silk with an absolutely exact colour match to something else, be prepared for a degree of disappointment – you will be able to get something very close; you may even get an exact match ... but that will be pure good fortune. This is normal in the making of any fabric by any means.
  • It is often easier to create a particular custom colour using chemical dyes, rather than natural dyes. The range of chemical colours, particularly strong colours, is much larger than natural colours, which are usually much softer in tone.
  • Different people may perceive the same colour in different ways.

To obtain the colour you want (or as close as possible), keep these things in mind:

  • Providing a colour sample is the best way for Mizpah Silk to know exactly what colour you want – a swatch of material is best, but anything with the pure colour alone is adequate. It should be at least 5 cm x 5 cm (2 inches x 2 inches) in size, if possible
  • Mizpah Silk may be able to provide a small silk sample as a colour reference, based on the sample photographs of available silk on this website – you may ask to see if this is possible. As each piece of fabric is made to order, we may not have any of the particular colour available.

NOTE: Although every care is taken to try to reproduce the colour you request as closely as possible, Mizpah Silk cannot guarantee that the colour of your silk will exactly match the colour you requested.

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