Silk Fabric

Rack of Single Colour Silk
Array of Silk
M001-C00. White
M002-C55. Clotted Cream
M003-C14. Sparkling Yellow
M004-C20. Yellow Green
M005-C44. Lime Green
M006-C41. Light Green
M007-C18. Jasmine Stem
M008-C42. Light Emerald
M009-C48. Mallard Green
M010-C19. Green
M011-C21. Emerald
M012-C57. Tropical Green
M013-C38. Olive Green
M014-C45. Jungle Green
M015-C37. Dark Jungle Green
M016-C53. Dark Palm Sugar
M018-C51. Pearl Sugar Palm
M019-C17. Beige
M020-C23. Deep Mustard
M021-C30. Olive Yellow Gold
M022-C22. Mustard
M023-C15. Saffron Yellow
M024-C16. Golden Yellow
M025-C50. Salacca Gold
M026-C27. Ratten Red
M027-C54. Henna Brown
M028-C09. Orange
M029-C10. Red Orange
M030-C36. Dark Ruby Red
M031-C34. Sealing Wax Red
M032-C11. Vermillion
M033-C31. Light Ruby Red
M034-C01. Deep Pink
M035-C29. Lotus Petal
M036-C12. Fresh Pink
M037-C46. Marian Plum Purple
M038-C25. Pretty Lotus
M039-C52. Pink
M040-C49. Sweet Pink
M041-C58. Baby Doll Pink
M042-C39. Bubble Gum Pink
M043-C26. Taupe
M044-C28. Chocolate
M045-C06. Dark Tamarind
M046-C05. Tamarind
M047-C07. Mangosteen
M048-C24. Shrimp Paste
M049-C33. Violet
M050-C40. Turquoise
M051-C02. Sky Blue
M052-C13. Cyan Blue
M053-C03. Dark Blue
M054-C43. Royal Blue
M055-C47. Ultramarine
M056-C04. Dark Gray
M057-C56. Dark Pearl Gray
M058-C08. Lead Gray
M059-C35. Charcoal
M201-N01. Natural White
M202-N02. Wood Ash
M203-N03. Light Biege
M204-N04. Pink Biege
M205-N05. Dusky Pink
M206-N06. Sweet Acacia Brown
M207-N07. Dusky Acacia
M208-N08. Dusky Cochineal
M209-N09. Soft Dusky Cochineal
M210-N10. Light Tan
M211-N11. Soft Coconut Husk
M212-N12. Coconut Shake
M213-N13. Strong Coconut Husk
M214-N14. Palm Frond Brown
M215-N15. Mocha
M216-N16. Tan
M217-N17. Light Tan
M218-N18. Light Camel
M219-N19. Dark Camel
M220-N20. Mango Tree
M221-N21. Tiger's Eye Brown
M222-N22. Cinnamon
M223-N23. Cardomom
M224-N24. Tea Tree
M225-N25. Dark Tea Tree
M226-N26. Eucalyptus
M227-N27. Cloves
M228-N28. Yellow Gray
M229-N29. Yellow Gold

Fabric: 100% Pure Silk
Style: Thai
Country of Origin: Thailand
Production method: Handmade
Silk Type: Mai 1 (What is this?)
Silk Quality: Premium Grade
Fabric width: 100cm (39 inches)
Colour mixes: One colour or Two colours shot (What is "shot"?)
Dye types: Natural or Non-toxic eco-friendly chemical
Weights: 2-ply or 3-ply
Royal Peacock Certification: Blue, Silver or Gold (What is this?)

Standard Fabric: 2-ply, non-toxic eco-friendly chemical dye, no Royal Peacock certification

Prices per Meter

  • Standard fabric: AUD 95.00 per meter
  • Natural dyes: Add AUD 6.00 per meter
  • Custom Colours: Add AUD 10.00 per meter
  • 3-Ply: Add AUD 8.00 per meter
  • Blue Peacock Certification: Add AUD 5.00 per meter
  • Silver Peacock Certification: Add AUD 10.00 per meter
  • Gold Peacock Certification: Add AUD 20.00 per meter (only available with 3-ply)
  • Shipping: Shipping costs will be added to your order when you Checkout.

Length of Fabric Required

Specify the number of meters you require in the Quantity field in your Shopping Cart when you Add to cart.

Minimum length: 4 meters (4.4 yards)
Maximum single length: 10 meters (10.9 yards)

For orders of more than 10 meters (10.9 yards), either:

  • Place multiple separate orders of appropriate lengths; or
  • Place a single order and specify the individual lengths you require in the Additional Information area below.

For example, to order 25 meters (27.3 yards), you might order two 10 meter lengths and one 5 meter length, or five 5 meter lengths, or two 8 meter lengths and one 9 meter length, etc.

Read about the dimensions of the fabric made by Mizpah Silk, particularly the minimum and maximum lengths of fabric.

Colours and Colour Variations

You can choose the colours you want by looking at the colour swatches on this page. Either hover your mouse over the swatch or click on the swatch for a larger picture. You can also refer to the names of our entire colour range.

NOTE: Ensure that you read our FAQ on actual colour to be certain you understand the range of factors that can affect the actual colour your silk will be.

Royal Peacock Certification

You may also choose to have your fabric formally inspected by a Thai government silk inspector and certified as meeting one of the Royal Peacock standards.

How to Order Your Silk

NOTE: Be sure to read our FAQ on how to order your silk before proceeding to Add to cart below.

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Choose a single colour or two colours shot. (What do "shot", "warp" and "weft" mean?)

The colour of the yarn. Dyes: Mxxx-Cnn = chemical. Mxxx-Nnn = natural. For both warp and weft threads if Single Colour. For warp threads only if Two Colours Shot.

The colour of the yarn. Dyes: Mxxx-Cnn = chemical. Mxxx-Nnn = natural. For weft threads only if Two Colours Shot. NOT required for Single Colour.

You must tick this box to show you have read the information on colour variation and you understand and accept that the actual colour of your silk may vary slightly from what you requested.

The weight of the yarn – either 2-ply or 3-ply. An additional cost applies per meter of fabric for 3-ply.

Royal Peacock Certification is the formal certification of your fabric by a Thai government silk inspector. An additional cost applies per meter of fabric. (What is this?)

This is to remind you that you need to specify the length of fabric you want (in meters) in the Quantity field of the Shopping Cart.

Specify any extra information, particularly for multiple lengths of fabric. NOTE: Min. length is 4 meters. Max. single length is 10 meters. (About lengths.)

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