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Temporary Closure

Mizpah Spa is temporarily closed, due to circumstances beyond our control. We plan to reopen on Monday 5 March 2018. Our sincere apologies for the continuing delays in reopening and for the inconvenience this may cause.

If you have a Gift Certificate that you want to use, we will ensure the expiry date of that certificate is adjusted to allow for our closure period so that you are not disadvantaged by the closure. If, in the circumstances, you would prefer to arrange a full refund of your Gift Certificate, we will arrange that for you.

We will continue to ship orders for our popular Thai Therapeutic Herbal Ointments during this period.


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News from Mizpah Spa

New 100gm Green Ointment Now Available

Our most popular Thai Therapeutic Ointment, our Green balm, is now available in a large 100gm jar. More of what you need when you really need it!

Massage at Work!

What could be nicer than a relaxing massage while you are at work? It can happen! Mizpah Spa offers Onsite Corporate Services where we come to you at your workplace. So, if you're the boss, now is the time to book Mizpah Spa onsite for your hard-working staff. If you're not the boss (yet), tell your colleagues about this great opportunity ... and then ask the boss to make it happen! You'll love it!

THANN – Beauty in a Bottle

Mizpah Spa proudly uses and recommends Thann products and can supply all your Thann needs. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with these superb spa, body and beauty products. Find out more ...

Spend Less on Spa Treatments at Mizpah Spa

There are lots of ways to spend less on spa treatments at Mizpah Spa. Our FAQ has more details!


Tell Us What You Think

At Mizpah, we love to know what you think about what we do. If you have any comments or feedback you would like to give us, please tell us what you think. You can also submit a testimonial about Mizpah products and services which we can publish on our website, if you wish. We'll be delighted to hear everything you have to say. Thanks!

Tell a Friend

If you like what Mizpah does, tell your friends. Every Mizpah web page has a SHARE image at the bottom. Mouse over the image and choose your favourite social network. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Delicious – all these and hundreds of others are available. Remember, if you tell a friend and your friend comes to Mizpah Spa for the first time, your friend receives a 10% discount on their first treatment and you also receive a 10% discount on your next treatment.

Internet Explorer Browser Issues with Mizpah Website

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 7 and earlier versions, or IE version 8 and later versions running in IE 7 compatibility mode, cannot correctly display all pages on the Mizpah website.

These issues only occur with IE. This is because IE 7 and earlier versions of IE are not standards compliant. The Mizpah website is written in code that is standards compliant. All other web browsers we have tried, including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera are standards compliant and do not have these display issues.

If you have any difficulties with IE, we recommend you upgrade to IE 8 or later and not run in IE 7 compatibility mode.

Alternatively, we recommend Mozilla Firefox Firefox logo as an excellent browser instead of IE. It is open source, public domain freeware.

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