How much silk should I order for my needs?

How much silk you need should be based on the use to which you will put it (clothing, interior decor, etc).


For clothing, individual body size and shape, as well as the style and type of garment, will contribute to how much is required. It is best to consult a professional tailor or designer. Here are some guideline approximate lengths of silk for clothing of various types:

Blouses / shirts:

  • Short sleeve blouse: 2.5 meters (2.7 yards)
  • Long sleeve blouse: 3 meters (3.3 yards)
  • Man's short sleeve shirt (medium): 3 meters (3.3 yards)
  • Man's long sleeve shirt (medium): 3.5 meters (3.8 yards)

Dresses / skirts:

  • Knee length skirt: 2 meters (2.2 yards)
  • Calf length skirt: 2.5 meters (2.7 yards)
  • Knee length dress (no sleeves): 2.5 meters (2.7 yards)
  • Full length dress (no sleeves): 3 meters (3.3 yards)

Remember to consult a professional for advice on lengths before ordering your silk.

Interior Decor

For interior decor (curtains, table cloths, etc), it is best to consult an appropriate professional interior designer.

Fabric Dimensions

Please note the dimensions of the fabric produced for Mizpah Silk, and particularly note the minimum length of 4 meters (4.4 yards) for any order.

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